Limited Edition LR Precision

So, what makes these rifles Limited Edition when they are technically the same as a Long Range Precision? Well, you can probably relate to this bitter pill – “No problem, your custom rifle will be ready in 12 months at the earliest”. There’s a good reason why – quality stocks take a long time to arrive from the USA. This is not only due to their success and popularity in the States, but shipping times, customs agencies, importation brokers – you name it, it will increase the lead time. The actions and triggers are not quite as slow to arrive, and the Maddco match grade Barrels made in Queensland arrive in a matter of months.

So basically, “if it’s a quality custom rifle, a big lead time is just part of life”… WRONG! We decided to change the rules, and ordered BULK stocks, actions and barrels for our three most popular rifle builds – the 6.5×47 LAP, .308 Win, and .300 Win Mag, in our Long Range Precision configuration. These components arrived and we got busy hand assembling these rifles to a near-completed state. Now all you need to do is select your choice of cerakote colour on the barrelled actions, after deciding whether you want a muzzle brake or not. We have even picked up some savings on the shipping costs, which have been passed down to you. We think that’s a pretty good effort. Get them while they last, Limited Edition prices and Limited Edition availability, with lead times as soon as 2 WEEKS!






  • Manners MCS –T4A Stock in O.D Green
  • The APRS predator action by Stiller
  • Maddco match grade barrels – Heavy profile, 26”
  • Rifle Basix Match trigger
  • Manners DBM Mini Chassis, 5 rnd Detachable Box Magazine
  • All Metal Cerakoted in Graphite Black (or other specified colour)
  • Available in 6.5×47 LAP, 308 Win, 300 Win Mag



  • Your choice of cerakote colour
  • Muzzle Brakes – starting from $300
  • Harris Bipod – 6-9″ swivel, notched leg
  • APRS Drag bag
  • Scope packages available