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Cerakote is a ceramic based paint which comes in two forms, being air cure, and oven cure and has an incredible hardness factor of 9/10 Mohs Scale (oven cure) and 7/10 (air cure).

To put this in perspective, Quartz crystal (Glass) is 7/10, and Diamond is 10/10. There is little doubt as to why this durable coating out-performs its competitors. APRS applies both air cure and oven cure cerakote to customise our stocks and barrelled-actions. We extend this service at competitive rates to any aftermarket firearm parts, including but not limited to stocks, barrelled actions, bolt handles and bolt shrouds, scope rings, trigger guards, and accessories.

Get in touch certified Cerakote applicators to ask us about Micro-slicking your bolt!

Please contact us on (08) 8440 0814 or email via “add to quote”. 

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