Manners Stocks

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About Manners Stocks:

Thomas Manners, founder of Manners Composite Stocks began making stocks in 2001. Thomas along with a group of some of the top 50bmg benchrest shooters, Skip Talbot, Randy Direks, Kenny Johnson and others, got together and laid out some basic designs for a new 50bmg bench stock. Thomas listened to their input and suggestions, then with the help of some space age manufacturing processes and materials developed a 100% carbon fiber stock. This stock now owns just about all of the 1000 yard 50bmg records. After this, it all kind of snowballed. Manners Composite Stocks has become known in the industry as the top of the line manufacturer for super strong, stiff, light weight stocks.

Each and every team member at Manners Composite Stocks strives to manufacture the best quality stocks that money can buy.  This is achieved with state of the art manufacturing process and space age materials. Every item that we manufacture is engineered to exceed any type of abuse that you can put it through. To back this up, each item has a lifetime 100% satisfaction guarantee and the best customer service in the industry.

Vist the Showroom at 28 Orsmond Street, Hindmarsh, South Australia.  Phone: (08) 84400 814.