I purchased my APRS Long Range Precision rifle 6.5×47 Lapua in May 2014, after an extensive investigation into a possible replacement for a very tied and increasingly unreliable Blaser LRS in 6mm BR.

Don’t get me wrong, the Blaser is a fine rifle, I just needed a conventional replacement that was accurate, reliable, and able to stand up to the rigors of fly shooting competition and my fetish for long range varminting, on every other weekend.

I have to say, right from the get go the Ace has outperformed all other rifles I have owned for varmint / target class fly competition, as well as my own expectations.

I routinely shoot two detail aggregates in the 115 to 118 range, and when I don’t, I know it’s not the rifles fault.

The rifle is extremely tolerant of diffident load / weight combinations, never failing to feed or extract rounds. Not surprising when you consider the high quality components and attention to detail invested into the construction of these rifles.

One thing that has really surprised me though, and what I would regard as a top selling point for APRS, is the company’s after sales service. This is barely mentioned by the staff at APRS, and is all “matter of fact” or routine.

How many firearm companies in Australia, can you pick up the phone, and speak to a person on the other end that really knows the product, and can answer your questions in absolute detail.

I’m often asked of the cost when shooters inquire about the APRS rifle, and let’s not bet around the bush, there bloody expensive. However, I understand the cost of quality components, I understand the cost of highly skilled labor and the rifle that I purchased, is now doing the job of two very high end German rifles. If you’re looking at value rather than cost, APRS will be of great interest to you.

These people are truly passionate about their product, and it shows!


Regards Hugh.


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Above: fly shoot at 300m

‘In my job I have shot and used operationally, a number of high end tactical rifles, Accuracy International, Blaser Tac 2, modified Remingtons and Sako’s. When I was looking to get a high end rifle for my own collection I had the opportunity to choose any of these brands. After speaking with the staff involved with APRS I was impressed with the product and components they use and found that the rifle fitted my needs perfectly. I chose to go with the 6.5×47 Lapua round which is ballistically superior to the .308 I normally use, a tan Manners T4A mini chassis stock and all metal work cerakoted tan to match. Although I did have to wait a while for the rifle to be completed, the end product made the wait worthwhile. The rifle is much more accurate and comfortable to use than any rifle I have shot before with my first 3 shot group using 123g lapua factory ammo going into one slightly enlarged hole of .147 inches (centre to centre) at 100m and hand loaded 5 round groups using 130g berger’s currently shooting in the .3’s. I would recommend an APRS to anyone looking for a new tactical style rifle as the finished product is a true tack driver!!! Now I just need to get one in .300 Win Mag.’

– Current serving SA Police marksman



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Rifle – APRS custom Long Range Precision in 338 Norma Mag with a 40moa base and a Terminator T3 muzzle brake fitted. 

This is just a quick note to say thanks for a fabulous rifle you have put together.

The rifle is used for hunting and target plinking at various ranges and is regularly shot at around 1100m on a steel gong with ease.

I have two other centerfire rifles, both Sako, one in 223 and the other in 308 – both varmint models and while they are both exceptional rifles they still don’t match the APRS for smoothness of the action or accuracy.

As for group size, the photo’s show what the gun will do, both groups were shot at 100m, the 3 shot group was the second load tried and the 4 shot group was a little later on.

The gun consistently shoots like that, unfortunately I don’t, and the Norma seems very tolerant of small variations of seating depth and powder charge with little change to group size or aiming point. What a great cartridge !!

As far as value for money – look at the groups !! Priceless…..  the whole setup as it stands cost less than a new 98B without the scope, rings, dies, etc, so yes, they are very good value in my opinion.

Would I get another APRS rifle, of course I would…. someday…..:)

The wait on my build was a little long at over 18 months but that was a little out of your control. The current team were great to deal with, once we sorted out the order, and I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again.

So overall I have been very happy with the rifle, the team at APRS, particularly Jamie who was my main contact there and the rifle is everything I could have hoped for in a custom rifle.

I have sent a video of April shooting the 338. The target is up on the hill – find the tallest tree on the hill then come left and down into the clearing and it’s in there.




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I had my .300 Win Mag custom built by APRS mid-2014 and held high expectations, as anyone would when paying for a combination of high end components for a long range rifle system!


The .300 Win Mag is an unforgiving cartridge even in high end factory rifles and most systems will struggle to produce half MOA with a belted magnum. Knowing that a magnum will find flaws in any rifle build, I was pleasantly surprised not to find any with the APRS! I could tell straight away the gun was going to shoot.

When in the pursuit of long range accuracy, hand loading is a must and honestly not hand loading these rifle is an injustice!


My load FYI

Norma brass

Berger 215gr hybrids

ADI 2213 Sc 73 gr

Seating depth 8thou from lands

Federal match primer (magnum)

2883 ftps

Best group .030 of an inch

Average between .030″  and .280″ @ 100m (Shooters have their days)

Groups shot off dirt on a bipod and rear bag.


With any long range rifle system, scope selection is critical hence why I went with the best available!

I topped the rifle with a Nightforce ATACR  F2 5x25x56 MOAR-T with the Nightforce ultralight 6 bolt rings. This being my third Nightforce scope and the best by far.

With a 20MOA rail I had 90 MOA left on my elevation turret and with my load this placed me at 2000 yards before transitioning below 1000ftp.


Needless to say, my high expectations were well and truly met. The guys at APRS are great to deal with, willing to listen as well as provide advice, talk to them about building your rifle around the projectile you want to shoot, develop a nice hand load. The APRS will do the rest.




Second image: group measuring .030 inch @ 100m


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