Custom Rifle Models

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We strive to give you the shortest lead times possible on a quality Custom Build Rifle. We achieve this by holding stock on hand for a number of rifle ?models? which have been configured to fit the majority of build requests, from light hunting rifles, to heavy tactical long range platforms. For a fully Custom Rifle, we will soon have a Custom Rifle Builder page for truly unique configurations.

For the shortest lead times, choose one of the model options to the left, where you can configure a number of variables including barrels, metal work colours, brakes, and calibre. We give you as many options as possible without influencing the lead time, and can even custom cerakote your stock a range of flat colours. Just fill in a quote, and we will get back to you within 1-2 working days with an ETA and Price estimate.

If you don?t see the rifle configuration you want, please contact us, as we may still have the parts in stock to build the custom rifle you desire!